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ASUS ROG Ryujin 360  Is The Flagship All-In-One Cooler For High-End Builds Designed To Deliver The Best Thermal Performance. Featuring Noctua Industrial PPC Fans For Cooler And Quieter Operation, Plus An Embedded Fan In The Pump Housing For Additional Cooling To The VRM And M.2, ROG Ryujin Keeps Your System Running Its Absolute Best. Coupled With A LiveDash OLED That Displays System Stats Or Custom Graphics And Aura Sync RGB Lighting, ROG Ryujin Is The Ultimate Thermal Solution Destined To Become A Vital Part Of Your Gaming Rig.



Asus ROG RYUO 240 Is A Series Of High-Performance CPU Liquid Coolers Designed For Compact And Mid-Sized Gaming Builds. As The First CPU Coolers From ROG, The Ryuo Series Brings The Performance, Features And Design Details You Expect From ROG To A Vital Part Of Your Gaming System. Featuring An Embedded 1.77-Inch LiveDash Color OLED Display That Enables Monitoring Of Real-Time System Stats As Well As Displaying Personalized Image Or Animation, ROG Ryuo Lets You Ensure Your System Both Runs And Looks Its Best. Together With Aura Sync Support For Harmonized RGB Lighting Effects, ROG Ryuo Coolers Deliver Stunning Aesthetics Along With Game-Changing Performance.


Features ROG Thor 850W Platinum Power Supply Unit stands out with Aura Sync and an OLED display
  • Aura Sync : Advanced customization with addressable RGB LEDs and Aura Sync compatibility
  • OLED Power Display : Real-time power draw monitoring with OLED Power Display
  • ROG Thermal Solution : 0dB cooling with dustproof IP5X Wing-blade Fan and ROG heatsink design
  • 80 PLUS Platinum : Built with 100% Japanese capacitors and other premium components
  • Sleeved Cables : For easy building and superior aesthetics

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Red LED

Four direct contact heat pipes for continuous contact between CPU and cooler Upgradable to dual fans with quick snap fan bracket Wide-range PWM fan with unique blade design and red LEDs Versatile all-in-one mounting solution for Intel and AMD sockets Optimized bracket design for easy installation

Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P

The MA610P is for enthusiasts and gamers to push their systems to the limit. Exceptional cooling performance is a must to keep it running stable and at max speeds. The MA610P is also stylishly design to match the precision engineered components in your build. It even comes with a dual RGB fans and controller for you to change the your lighting without limitations.


RGB Lighting Sync MasterLiquid ML240L RGB makes syncing the lighting easier than ever before. It comes with 2 x MasterFan RGB, a water pump lights up with RGB and controller to easily control and sync it all.


The PPS (Polyphenylene sulfide) and glass fiber construction resists a broad range of chemicals and is unaffected by moisture or immersion in water. Our pump is light and impervious to oxidationand corrosion.

Cooler Master ML120L RGB

Liquid CPU cooling optimized for low noise and performance. Easy to install 120mm radiator makes this the perfect all-in-one liquid cooling for novice to experienced builders. Now enhanced with RGB lighting feature, this is for anyone that also wants lighting effects in their system.

Gamdias CHIONE E2-120 LITE ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler

  • Trio Rings with RGB pump lighting effect
  • All-In-One CPU Liquid Cooler offer maintenance-free, compact & easy-to-install
  • Both sides of radiator can be installed with fans
  • Teflon Tube and durable
  • Sync to 5V 3-pin RGB header: MSI, GIGABYTE, ASRock, BIOSTAR and ASUS. Supports motherboard sync software that has Addressable header (ASUS, AsRock, BIOSTAR), JRAINBOW (MSI), or Digital Pin Header (GIGABYTE)
  • Copper Base Plate Outstanding thermal conductivity

Gamdias CHIONE M2-240 LITE CPU ARGB Liquid Cooler

CHIONE M2-240 LITE OVERVIEW "A New Way to Flow" CHIONE M2-240 LITE inherits the greatness of predecessor and elaborates its own style of CPU cooling. With an outstanding thermal conductive copper base plate, 2 high-quality 120mm fans, this cooler decreases tempruture and harmonizes lighting effects with motherboard sync 5v 3pin. Simply create your own style, make your PC setup experience more convenient and complete.

Thermaltake CONTAC 16

Heat-pipe Direct Touch Technology With Excellent Performance, supports 100W Two Ф6mm Heat-pipes provide good contact with CPU and enhance heat transfer Premium thermal grease provides higher thermal conductivity between CPU and cooler Pre-installed One 92mm High Performance Fan Fan speed with 2400 RPM provides high airflow Enclosed two clips for 2nd fan installation to increase cooling performance Highly Compatibility For Most Sockets support: Intel socket LGA 1155/1156/775 AMD socket FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 (supports processor under 100W)